Canada high school graduation request
Canada high school graduation request
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From our country's physical beauty to our world-class cities to our neighbourly attitude, Canada offers more than you can imagine.  
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Student in Vancouver Campus
SBS ocean view campus in SD47 gives student a sense of real mother of nature, and lets them experience the magnificent environment in Canada. having the chance to experience the Canadian public school system, they also get to experience different activities including, Archery, canoeing, mountain hiking, hockey game, golf, etc.
SBS Students Graduates from University
SBS schools has been established for over 10 years. Many SBS graduates have already completed their Post Secondary studies a broad. A great number of them have entered the real world as independents, looking for jobs and being employed by big companies.
SBS Elementary/middle school
SBS is currently an offshore school that not only has high school campuses, but also includes elementary and middle school to meet the desires of parents of young children who want to be exposed to Western culture knowledge before entering high school.
Paris American School Visit SBS
SBS warmly welcomed fellow students from PAS, and entertained them with a series of Chinese/ American culture performances. SBS and PAS students had the chance to meet each other and share their experiences. This opportunity to meet others from a different continent gives them a broader idea of the world out there.
SBS Qingdao, Linyi Campus expansion
In order to create a more comfortable teaching environment, Qingdao campus has established a new location, Hong Kong Road-City center campus. The environment is superior, and has unique modern classroom settings. Students enjoyed their time there as it is close to the city and has great studying environment.
Powell River- Vancouver Campus
SBS high school students came to SD47 Brooks Secondary to participate in credit courses. Bringing much social media attention to the public, our students not only came to have a great learning experience,
SBS Head Office Grand Opening!
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